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Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons – the soft fibrous tissue of the body. Aching bones, stiff shoulders, fatigue and difficulty sleeping may all be indications of fibromyalgia.

Even though numerous therapeutic treatments have been evaluated by a variety of institutions, Fibromyalgia has remained a complex set of symptoms without a cure.

Majority of people experience moderate or severe fatigue with lack of energy and feel totally exhausted resulting in lack of sleep.  Headaches, like tension headaches, migraine headaches are very often noticed. Abdominal pain, constipation, and bladder spasms cause irritability and urinary urgency. Sometimes skin and blood circulation become too sensitive to temperature changes, and results in changes of skin color. People with Fibromyalgia wake up tired and unrefreshed even though they seem to get plenty of sleep.

The location of the nine paired tender points that make up the 1990 American College of Rheumatology criteria for fibromyalgia.

The primary symptom of Fibromyalgia is pain experienced in certain locations called tender points, and the pain spreads over to other parts of the body. Some of these tender points are back of the head, upper back, neck, chest, elbows, hips, knees, rib cage and buttocks.

It is very common for people with Fibromyalgia being sensitive to odor, noises, bright light and touch.

Signs and symptoms can vary in accordance with the climatic conditions, stress levels, physical activities, and even the environment in which the person is living.

There is no known cure, so it is important to find as much relief from fibromyalgia as possible.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia disorder, you know how much it really can ache and hurt. Your body may ache all over, your muscles feeling over-worked or if they have been pulled, and sometimes your muscles twitch and burn. Something that no person wants to go through daily.

Fibromyalgia Treatment St Paul MN

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, chiropractic care may be a source of relief for you.  Many people who suffer with fibromyalgia disorder report success with complementary and alternative therapies, including massage therapy, movement therapies, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and various herbs and dietary supplements for different fibromyalgia symptoms. Many people leave after the first treatment noticing immediate signs of relief.