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Warm weather is here, which means that many people have replaced their winter coats with swimsuits. With this in mind, it is important to consider the potential for injury with sports activities.  As is most often the case, prevention is essential.

Summer is an exciting time of year for families, often bringing vacations, barbecues, picnics and time away from work and school. Yet summer is also known as “trauma season” among public health and medical professionals because serious injuries increase dramatically among children.

Playing sports is a lot of fun. Getting hurt is not. Take some simple steps to prevent injuries so you can stay in the game:

  • Wear protective gear, such as helmets, protective pads, and other gear.
  • Warm up and cool down.
  • Know the rules of the game.
  • Watch out for others.
  • Don’t play when you’re injured.  Take time to recover.  It’s better to miss one game than the whole season.

Wear Protective Gear

Helmets provide two types of protection. They’re best at preventing penetrating injuries, but they also absorb quite a bit of force.

In order to choose the right type of helmet, one must keep in mind that different activities require different types of helmets. For example, you shouldn’t wear a bicycle helmet while skiing and vice versa. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Website or the Snell Memorial Foundation, which independently tests all types of helmets to learn more about choosing a helmet. Design and fit are the most important safety features of any helmet. They should be comfortable and snug. A helmet should be centered on the top of the head and the strap should always be buckled.

Helmet use is particularly important for children. As many as 75% of bicycle-related injuries among children could be prevented by the use of a bicycle helmet. To encourage regular helmet use, adults should serve as role models for their children and wear helmets as well.

Protective gear is anything you wear that helps keep you from getting hurt. The gear you wear depends on the sport you play.

Helmets are the most common protective gear. They protect your all-important head while you’re playing football, hockey, baseball, softball, biking, skateboarding, and inline skating, just to name a few!

Make sure you’re wearing the right helmet for your sport. For instance, don’t wear your baseball batting helmet when you’re playing football! Your helmet should fit snugly but comfortably, and if it has a strap — like a bike helmet does — you need to fasten it. Otherwise, it will fall off when you need it most.

Helmet Safety

Other sports require eye protection, mouthguards, pads, wrist, elbow, and knee guards, and a protective cup (for boys only). And don’t forget your feet. Cleats are worn in football, baseball, softball, and soccer. These shoes have special rubber or plastic points on the soles to help your feet grip the ground when you run around.

Talk with your parents or your coach to know what gear you need. Then wear that gear whenever you’re practicing or playing. Every time!

Which Helmet for Which Activity? (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

There are good reasons why the athlete should seek sports chiropractic for the treatment and rehabilitation of a sport injury. The primary treatment of a Chiropractor is manipulation (a spinal adjustment) to those areas of the spine or surrounding joints which are slightly displaced and fail to function normally. The adjustment will restore proper alignment and function to your body, therefore restoring the normal nerve transmission and healing potential to the vital structure of the body.

Many professional athletes are utilizing Chiropractic treatments more and more because they realize that it helps them maximize athletic performance. Not only do they treat all types of sport or personal injuries, they can also help to minimize the risk of getting one. If you or a loved one suffers from any kind of sports related injury, please schedule an appointment with a St Paul Minnesota Chiropractor.

If you have experienced an injury give your Minnesota Chiropractic a call. They can help with current injuries and also prevent any injuries.

We encourage our all of our readers to enjoy summer activities safely.