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Lower back pain is a common experience people have come to live with on a day to day basis — almost everyone has it at some point in their lives. In fact, studies have shown that around 31 million people living in the United States suffer from low-back pain. If you suffer from back pain, you have suffered too long and there is no need to live with it every day. Below is an explanation of how Chiropractic Care at Caron Chiropractic Clinic can help.

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Back Pain Relief OakdaleBack pain is one of the most common problems that cause people to miss work. Back pain also too often sends people to the doctor in search of relief, and is the cause for many to have to rely on disability. Back pain can range from nagging to downright debilitating, and can be acute and chronic. Once you’ve experienced back pain, you become immediately aware of how much your body’s movements are connected to the spine. If you are seeking natural back pain relief in Oakdale MN, Caron Chiropractic Clinic can help.

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Back pain? Neck pain? Hip pain? Headaches? Whatever your ailment, Caron Chiropractic Clinic would like to help. Offering chiropractic treatment in North Oaks, MN, chiropractic treatment can greatly benefit those suffering with joint pain, back pain, and even headaches. We are proud to offer spinal adjustments that will truly make a positive difference in the way you live your life.

Back Pain

Generally, this is the most common reason why people will seek chiropractic care. Low back pain can be excruciating and caused by a variety of reasons from poor life habits to being in an auto or work related accident. We have successfully treated hundreds of back pain cases without having to use sedative drugs. Chiropractic care is completely natural and equally effective at helping your back pain heal.

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Acupuncture St Paul MNMany of our first-time patients are those who come to us because they are suffering from chronic pain and they’d like to avoid relying on pain medications for relief.  While prescription and over the counter medications can work well to alleviate and mask chronic pain, we see many patients who are interested in getting to the root of their pain in hopes of eliminating their problem altogether. What many don’t realize is that pain relief is just one of the benefits that can result from a visit to Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St Paul MN. Take a look at just a few of the holistic alternative treatment options we offer at our St Paul chiropractic office and how they may benefit you.

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Instant Relief With Chiropractic Adjustments

Chronic or Acute Pain ReliefDiagnosing the cause of back pain can be difficult. Your back is made up of muscles, disks, bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons. Often problems arise due to an injury but sometimes the cause is not determined. The Licensed Chiropractors at Caron Chiropractic, P.A. have expertise in diagnosing and treating many types of back pain. We utilize treatments including Chiropractic Adjustments to correct balance and many times bring instant relief. Our experienced staff treats patients at our St. Paul, MN office.

Body’s Ability To Self Heal

The human body has an incredible Ability to Self Heal. Licensed Chiropractors are highly educated in the skeletal system, muscular system and neurological systems. We understand how the different aspects interact and work together to enable the body to heal naturally.

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All-Natural Pain Relieving Solutions

slipping-and-fallingLower Back Pain can strike at almost any time. It can be the result of an accident or something as simple as bending to pick up a pencil from the floor. As those who have dealt with excruciating Low Back Pain can tell you, relief cannot come soon enough. Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. utilizes several Natural Strategies to both relieve and prevent lower back pain. Our St. Paul, MN clinic has successfully treated countless back pain sufferers with All-Natural Pain Relieving Solutions.

Help For Lower Back Pain

People who experience acute low back pain are often tempted to reach for painkillers to relieve the intense pain. Unfortunately, medications tend to just mask the pain without getting to the underlying source of the pain. Prolonged use of pain medications can result in dangerous side effects. The All-Natural Approach to Lower Back Pain Relief offers many safe solutions.

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Golf SwingGolfing is an enjoyable game to relax and have fun. Whether you are a recreational golfer or an avid golfer, you may find yourself fatigued or in pain after twisting your body into odd positions. Pair that with bending over repeatedly and walking for four or more hours, the combination can quickly lead to low back pain.

A lot of the time, golfers play until they can’t physically play anymore because they hurt so badly, then they will search for relief. Back pain is a warning sign that there is a problem and that symptoms will only continue to get worse which can lead to chronic lower back pain.

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As a practicing chiropractor in St. Paul, Minnesota I work with people all day long that have neck and back pain.  There are many different causes of neck and back pain, and there are many conditions that will lead to neck and back pain.  In this blog I will talk about where neck and back pain come from and what you can do to reduce or get rid of your neck and back pain.back pain

Pain is a sensory perception.  It is relayed to the brain via the sensory nerve called a nociceptor.  When this nerve which is located in your muscles and other soft tissues, and in your joints of your neck and back become irritated, they send a message to your brain of pain.  There are many other sensory nerves such as thermoreceptors which sense heat and chiroreceptors that sense cold.  These sensory nerves are also located in the tissues of your neck and back.  Anytime one experiences pain we no for certain that a nociceptor has been activated.

Lets look at the anatomy of the neck and back, and this will lead us to the different causes of neck and back pain.  There are 7 vertebrae in your neck and 17 vertebrae in your mid and lower back.  These vertebrae are separated by discs that work as shock absorbers.  The discs are in the front of your spine.  In the back of your spine are joints called facet joints.  These joints are encapsulated and fluid filled, and protect nerves that are exiting and entering your spinal cord which goes up to your brain.  There are many muscles, tendons and ligaments that attach to these bones of your neck and back, and these soft tissueadjustment also have nociceptors located within the tissues.  Neck and back pain occurs when there is a problem in the joints of the neck and back or in the soft tissues of the neck and back.  Chiropractors locate the specific problems in your joints and soft tissues and use many techniques to fix these problems.

The most common low back problem is within the discs of the low back.  Chiropractic adjustments or manipulations are the best known cure for these problems.  If the disc problem is too severe, surgery may be required to fix the problem.  In your neck and mid back problems within the facet joints, more commonly known as subluxations, are the most common cause of neck and mid back pain.  Chiropractic adjustments along with ergonomic education and exercise is the best cure for these problems.  If you should find yourself or someone you know has neck or back pain, your best course of action is to find a local chiropractor.

Author:  Dr. Matt Caron

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Minnesota Orthotics | Foot Pain | Heel Pain | Plantar Fasciitis

You probably realize that health is complex … if one part of the body system suffers, you’re likely to see consequences in other areas of your life. No discussion about bones, muscles, and joints would be complete without talking about your feet. They keep us grounded, get us where we need to go and bear the brunt of every step you take. But instead of treating our tootsies with the attention they deserve, we often sacrifice the health of our feet for fashion.

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St Paul Minnesota Chiropractor

By now you probably realize that health is complex – if one part of the body system suffers, you’re likely to see consequences in other areas of your life.  If the skeletal system (muscles, joints and spine), the nervous system (brain and nerves) and the nutrition systems of the body become and stay healthy, most of the aches pains and health problems that people have will improve naturally.

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