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Back-to-School Backpack Safety!

While many of us have summer vacations and the Minnesota State Fair on our mind, it’s also back-to-school time, and children nationwide will be lugging books to and from classes, most of them wearing backpacks.

Most likely you have begun your back-to-school shopping.  Half the fun and excitement of the new school year is selecting new supplies and clothes, including a new backpack or bag.

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Bad Posture and Backpacks

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conducted a survey of which 58% of the responding orthopedist reported seeing pediatric patients with back pain or shoulder pain caused by lifting or carrying heavy backpacks.

Even the best pack is useless if your child doesn’t use the pack correctly.  It is important to stress from an early age the need to wear and lift backpacks properly.

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