Craniosacral TherapyThe brain and the spinal cord are the two major elements functioning in the central nervous system (CNS). The central nervous system is in charge of regulating and responding to everything that is happening inside of the body. Since the brain and the spinal cord are extremely important part of the body–and the fact that they are quite delicate–they need an environment that is carefully controlled in order to work properly. The craniosacral system is predominantly responsible for providing the brain and spinal cord with the proper environment it needs in order to work effectively.

What is the The Craniosacral System?

The Craniosacral System is made up of membranes and fluid that envelop the brain, spinal cord and other attached bones in order to shield them from damage and harm. These special membranes also protect the bones of the skull, face and mouth and all the way down the spinal cord to the tailbone. And since our bodies work as a whole entity, other systems have an effect on the central nervous system just as much as they can have an effect on the craniosacral system.