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St Paul ChiropractorAt Caron Chiropractic Clinic, PA, of North Oaks and St. Paul, we want you to know that we understand that your chiropractic issues are unique and must be treated as such. If you are in need of spinal rehabilitation, your case may be 180-degrees different from our last patient whose treatment plan involved spinal rehabilitation. When you come to us for spinal rehabilitation—or any number of other chiropractic concerns—you can feel confident that we will treat you, your symptoms, and your treatment plan as unique.

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Minnesota Chiropractor St Paul MN | Health & Wellness

When people think about staying fit, they generally think from the neck down. But the health of your brain plays a critical role in almost everything you do: thinking, feeling, remembering, working, playing, and even sleeping.

About 36 million people in the world have dementia today. This number will nearly double every 20 years, to an estimated 65.7 million in 2030, and 115.4 million in 2050.

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Tips for a Healthy Spine


  • Do not stand bent forward at the waist for prolonged periods of time. The muscles in your low back become deconditioned in this position, which may lead to pain.



  • At all times, avoid twisting while lifting. Twisting is one of the most dangerous movements for your spine, especially while lifting.
  • If the item is too heavy to lift, pushing it is easier on your back than pulling it. Whenever possible, use your legs, not your back or upper body, to push the item.
  • If you must lift a heavy item, get someone to help you.


  • Keep your knees slightly higher than your hips, with your head up and back straight.
  • Avoid rolling your shoulders forward (slouching).
  • Try to maintain the natural curve in your low back.

Reaching and Bending

  • When reaching for something above shoulder level, stand on a stool. Straining to reach such objects may not only hurt your mid-back and neck, but it can also bring on shoulder problems.
  • Do NOT bend over at the waist to pick up items from the floor or a table.
  • Instead, kneel down on one knee, as close as possible to the item you are lifting, with the other foot flat on the floor and pick the item up.
  • Or bend at the knees, keep the item close to your body, and lift with your legs, not your back.


  • When carrying objects, particularly if they are heavy, keep them as close to your body as possible.
  • Carrying two small objects—one in each hand—is often easier to handle than one large one.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

  • While the proverbial jury is still out, we suspect that extra weight puts undue strain on your spine. Keep within 10 lbs. of your ideal weight for a healthier back.
  • “Beer belly” is likely the worst culprit, as it puts unwanted pressure on the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your low back.healthy diet
  • The most efficient and effective way to reduce weight is by eating a sensible diet and exercising regularly.
  • Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program, particularly if you have a health condition.


  • Sleeping on your back puts approximately 50 pounds of pressure on your spine. Other positions may be better.
  • Placing a pillow under your knees while lying on your back cuts the pressure on your spine roughly in half.
  • Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees may also reduce the pressure on your back.
  • Never sleep in a position that causes a portion of your spine to hurt. Most often, your body will tell you what position is best.

Quit Smoking

Smokers have more spine pain than nonsmokers, and they also heal more slowly when they have an episode of back pain because the chemicals in tobacco smoke restrict the flow of blood to the tissues in and around your spine.

While following these instructions is no guarantee that you’ll be free from back pain for your entire life, it can certainly reduce your risk of developing it. These simple steps will help you keep your spine in good shape, making you a healthier, happier person.  Given the many responsibilities of the spine, it is quite natural for the neck and/or back to feel sore at the end of the day.

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St Paul MN Chiropractor | Health & Wellness

The American Chiropractic Association sponsors National Chiropractic Health Month every October. Each year is given a theme, with 2013’s being “Get Vertical.” This public health awareness campaign helps the chiropractic profession highlight some of the small, manageable changes people can make today to keep being active for the rest of their lifetime.

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MN Chiropractor | Joint Health

During National Chiropractic Health Month this fall, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and chiropractic physicians nationwide will promote the importance of joint health and the vital role physical activity plays in keeping joints healthy and pain free. This year’s theme—“Get Vertical”—focuses on getting off the couch or out of the office chair, and standing or moving more each day.

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October is National Chiropractic Month! Have Your Spine Checked Yet?

This fall, chiropractors across the country will highlight ways you can feel your best every day, regardless of your age, occupation or fitness level, during National Chiropractic Health Month in October. This October will also mark the first official launch of World Spine Day in this decade and we hope that people around the world will join together to raise awareness around the prevention and effective management of spinal conditions.

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St Paul MN Chiropractor | Sitting Disease Part 2

The Tech-age is clearly upon us. Young and old, near and far, this is truly a different world. Thanks to technological advances, the Internet, and an increasingly longer work week, electronic living has all but zapped every flicker of activity from our daily lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s easy to be glued to our computers—sending e-mails, playing video games, shopping—both during and after work.

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St Paul MN Chiropractor | Sitting Disease Part 1

In the last several decades, modern technology has brought people together in many new ways. While we all enjoy the conveniences electronic technology offers, it is also taking a toll on our bodies and our health. Chiropractors are warning against new health risks for an increasingly butt bound culture.

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Kudos To Minnesota!

Senior Health

America’s Health Rankings Senior Report shows Minnesota at the top of the list of healthiest states for older adults also.

By looking holistically at key measures related to seniors’ lifestyles, social supports, environment, clinical care and health care outcomes, we get a comprehensive picture of senior health that reflects the unique challenges of each state.

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Kudos To Minnesota!

Exercise and Physical activity makes you fitter, healthier, and yes, apparently even happier!

Minnesota is in the top for happiest, healthiest & fittest states in America!

The latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index—which measures the happiness of each state’s residents—finds that the country has shown little improvement in well being over the last five years.

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