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Chiropractic Treatment MN | Sports Injuries

Summer vacation is over and the kiddos are back in school. Can you believe it? It’s time for school to start already!  Where did the summer go? A new school year and also means gearing up for fall sports for many families. To avoid getting an injury on the field, court, and track, kids need to be prepared. That preparation starts with a visit to your St Paul MN Chiropractor for a sport’s physical or pre-participation physical examination (PPE) to make sure their bodies are ready for the sports season ahead.

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St Paul MN Sports Injury Chiropractic Treatment

Yes, it’s football season, and already everyone’s counting the days until the Super Bowl. Football is an American tradition, but all that sweat and glory can leave a host of sports related injuries in its wake. Because of the dynamic and high collision nature of the sport, these injuries range from bruises and muscle strains and sprains, to fractures, head injuries and concussions.

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