Happy babyGiving birth is a two person experience. Both you and your baby got through the experience together, which means if you are feeling discomfort, chances are your little one may also be feeling some. Unfortunately, infants can’t just tell us what they’re feeling, so their cries of discomfort may never be answered, or even understood. If you have a new baby that cries often, whether it’s every time they are in there car seat, laying on their back, tummy time, reflux issues, extremely gassy or experiencing colic – we may be able to help. Caron Chiropractic Clinic, located in St. Paul and North Oaks, MN, is experienced in infant chiropractic care; there is absolutely no cracking or popping. Our infant adjustments are a gentle massage that can help correct any discomfort your baby is feeling. There is no risk, we are not invasive and your young child will experience no pain.