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St Paul MN Chiropractor | Massage Therapy St Paul MN

Chiropractic Massage therapy was once considered on the fringe of mainstream medicine, it has now gained widespread acceptance as a respected and regulated practice. Massage therapy is also considered an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Doctors are prescribing massage therapy sessions for their patients and insurance companies are footing the bills.

Hands on chiropractic massage therapy is the rubbing and manipulating of the muscles and soft tissue.

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Many people who suffer from pain can tell you that their pain affects the quality of their lives when they’re awake, and can be responsible for disrupting their sleep at night. While acupuncture is probably best known as an effective treatment of pain, there are a number of other conditions unrelated to pain that are successfully treated with acupuncture. Perhaps this is why acupuncture was used 4000 years ago and is still being used with success today. In the United States, acupuncture has only recently been gaining steady popularity and widespread acceptance as recent research finds it to be a safe and effective treatment for a number of common ailments.

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Chiro Treatment MNThe human body is a machine. In fact, it is arguably the most efficiently designed machine known to humankind. A popular home-fitness machine was once marketed by describing the human body as the only machine that gets stronger the more it is worked. When you consider a more familiar machine, such as an automobile, it is not difficult to understand that occasionally parts break down and need to be repaired or replaced in order for the automobile to continue functioning as designed.

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Holistic Healthcare Approach

Chiropractic Care St Paul MNThere is a movement in this country toward more healthy living. People are living longer and want a healthy lifestyle that enables them to enjoy the twilight years. Chiropractic Care may be just what the doctor ordered. At Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. we believe that chiropractic adjustments along with exercise and nutrition can help people to reduce pain and live a more vibrant life. At our St. Paul, MN clinic we utilize a Holistic Healthcare Approach that encompasses Drug-Free therapies including Chiropractic Adjustments, Massage Therapy and Spinal Rehabilitation.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Your spine is complex in its makeup including bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves. A spinal misalignment can interfere with proper function of any or all of the spine’s components.

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Therapeutic Massage

Acupuncture St Paul MNMany athletes today focus on one particular physical activity. The result can be an overuse injury where muscles become stressed and reactive. Soft tissue injuries often involve sprains, strains and muscle stiffness. A Licensed Massage Therapist is educated on healing techniques for different types of Sports Injuries. At Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. in St. Paul, MN our experienced massage therapists provide Therapeutic Massage Techniques that are designed for optimal healing and injury prevention.

Therapeutic Massage has become quite commonplace among high-level athletes. Many utilize Sports Massage as a way to improve performance and shorten recovery time. An experienced Licensed Massage Therapist can provide a variety of techniques to target the injured muscles and speed healing.

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All-Natural Pain Relieving Solutions

slipping-and-fallingLower Back Pain can strike at almost any time. It can be the result of an accident or something as simple as bending to pick up a pencil from the floor. As those who have dealt with excruciating Low Back Pain can tell you, relief cannot come soon enough. Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. utilizes several Natural Strategies to both relieve and prevent lower back pain. Our St. Paul, MN clinic has successfully treated countless back pain sufferers with All-Natural Pain Relieving Solutions.

Help For Lower Back Pain

People who experience acute low back pain are often tempted to reach for painkillers to relieve the intense pain. Unfortunately, medications tend to just mask the pain without getting to the underlying source of the pain. Prolonged use of pain medications can result in dangerous side effects. The All-Natural Approach to Lower Back Pain Relief offers many safe solutions.

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Natural Approach To Personal Injury Relief

Chronic or Acute Pain ReliefIt doesn’t take a major accident to sustain a painful injury. Whiplash can occur with an auto accident at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour. A slip and fall on an icy sidewalk can leave you with ongoing back pain. Lifting, bending and twisting while shoveling snow may cause an injury also. Whatever the cause of your personal injury, a Doctor of Chiropractic at Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. can do an evaluation to recommend corrective treatment. We have a Natural Approach to help with personal injury relief without the use of medications or surgery.

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Chiropractic Wellness Objectives

Better Health With Chiropractic CareAt Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. in St. Paul, MN we not only want to relieve back pain, we have an overall Wellness Objective for our clients. As licensed chiropractors we have a Holistic Healthcare approach for optimum health. Our experienced staff is highly experienced in Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and other all-natural tools that we use to enable you to rediscover health and vitality.

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Koren Specific Technique With ArthroStim™

Pain Relief MNThe Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a fairly new approach to Chiropractic Care. It is very Gentle, Non-Invasive, Non-Force technique that is based on results for healing people from the inside out. KST utilizes a tool called an ArthroStim™. There is no cracking or popping sound during adjustments. This technique was first developed in 2003 by Dr. Tedd Koren and is now being offered at Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN. There are three Steps known as the 3 Cs of Koren Specific Technique. These steps are called Challenge, Check and Correct.

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Non-Invasive Healing Techniques

Chiro Benefits MNChiropractic Health Care has been around for a very long time but has in recent years been heralded for being more effective than medication. Medical doctors have been providing more referrals to Doctors of Chiropractic for Non-invasive techniques including spinal manipulation. The Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN provides an integrated approach to improved health. We have a rehab facility and a team of highly experienced Chiropractors and Licensed Therapists.

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