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St Paul MN Chiropractor | Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition causing fatigue, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints. It is a disabling and epidemic myofascial condition affecting an estimated 10 million people in the United States and an estimated 3% to 6% of the world population. Up to 90% of persons with the disorder are women, but it also occurs in men and children of all age and ethnic groups.

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Minnesota Lower Back Pain Treatment

In the United States back pain is the second leading cause for physician visits and is second only to childbirth for hospitalizations. It is also the most prevalent chronic medical condition and the number one cause of long-term disability. Back pain, headache, arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders combine to cost employers $61 billion per year in lost productive time alone, according to a 2003 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

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Retracing and the Koren Specific Technique

Koren Specific Technique

Is a unique approach to patient care called Koren Specific Technique (KST). There is no twisting, turning, “cracking” or “popping” of joints with KST; instead, you receive gentle, specific corrections to your spine and structural system. Most adjustments or corrections are done with you standing or sitting.

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