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logoIf you’re wondering whether chiropractic adjustments are something you have to keep coming back for after the first time, don’t worry; only you can choose when, if ever, you choose to have a chiropractic adjustment after your first experience with chiropractic care. Whether you’re coming in for injury recovery chiropractic care or want to know if chiropractic adjustments could help provide one-time pain relief, at the Caron Chiropractic Clinic, we’ll help you create a chiropractic care plan that’s right for you. We see patients who come in once and patients who schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to keep their spines aligned and bodies feeling healthy. We provide St. Paul and East Minneapolis, MN chiropractic care to patients with a variety of chiropractic needs, and our professional chiropractors will help you decide whether you want to continue chiropractic treatment in the future.

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Back PainHave you been suffering from endless chronic lower back pain? Have you been searching for back pain relief only to come to a dead end, or find doctors that immediately recommend surgery or medications? If so, you may have questions about chiropractic care and are curious to find out what makes it so different.

Chiropractic care has many advantages. It takes a holistic approach to overall health and well-being, and has the natural ability to successfully prevent recurrent back pain in many cases. In the past, doctors thought that acute back pain episodes only lasted for about 90 days. New research has shown that acute back pain can occur over and over, meaning that if you have one episode of acute back pain, you are more likely to experience more episodes of back pain in the future.

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