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Chiropractic Treatment MN | Sports Injuries

Summer vacation is over and the kiddos are back in school. Can you believe it? It’s time for school to start already!  Where did the summer go? A new school year and also means gearing up for fall sports for many families. To avoid getting an injury on the field, court, and track, kids need to be prepared. That preparation starts with a visit to your St Paul MN Chiropractor for a sport’s physical or pre-participation physical examination (PPE) to make sure their bodies are ready for the sports season ahead.

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Chiropractic Treatment St Paul MN | Health & Wellness This School Year

Starting a new school year also means the kids are getting all gearing up to play sports. While participation in sports offers tremendous social, emotional and physical benefits for children, with competition comes natural risks. We know that one of the worst things for kids is being on the sidelines with an injury.  As parents, we can help our kids enjoy the thrill of sports while helping to recognize and prevent serious injury. By making sure that kids are staying safe, we can better ensure that they do.

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Concussion Safety for Athletes: What You Need To Know

As the 2012 High School sports season gets underway, we want to remind coaches, parents, and athletes of the importance of sports safety.

It is the time of year when we hear a lot about sports related injuries.  Not surprisingly, football had the highest injury rate (4.36 injuries per 1,000 athlete exposures). For anyone who hadn’t already guessed that football is a very rough and vigorous sport.

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