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By now you probably realize that health is complex – if one part of the body system suffers, you’re likely to see consequences in other areas of your life.  If the skeletal system (muscles, joints and spine), the nervous system (brain and nerves) and the nutrition systems of the body become and stay healthy, most of the aches pains and health problems that people have will improve naturally.

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Chiropractic Is For EVERYONE!

One of the most traumatic events of a person’s life is their entrance into the world.  Birth places a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on a baby’s fragile spine, especially the delicate neck.  Throughout childhood, you probably have sustained a series of minor injuries and sadly some of you may have experiences some major injuries as well.  Think about how you have fallen from a bicycle or a skateboard, or numerous wrestling matches with your siblings. 

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The Changing View of Chiropractic Care St Paul MN

For half a century, the American Medical Association waged war against chiropractic, an intervention that relies on spinal adjustments to treat health problems. Chiropractors were regarded as the modern-day equivalent of snake-oil salesmen.

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MN Chiropractic Subluxations | Chiropractic Adjustment St Paul MN

It is well documented in the scientific community and through medical research that the brain controls all functions and regulation of the entire body.  The brain communicates to all organs, tissues, muscles and glands through the spinal cord and nerve system.

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Chiropractic Isn’t Just For Grownups

If you have a colicky baby, and other forms of treatment don’t seem to be helping very much, and you’re at your wits end, you may want to investigate bringing your baby in for a checkup.

As your child is being born, the neck and back vertebrae can go out of alignment due to the stretching and compressing of the body as it emerges into the world. If your delivery included a prolonged pushing stage, forceps or vacuum extraction, or other form of ‘assisted delivery’, the chances of a misalignment are even greater.

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Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Infants?

Chiropractic is safe for infants too!

Chiropractic Care For Infants

The first thing that most parents feel when they think of chiropractic for babies is fear: “Can that be dangerous for my baby?” parents ask.  What many parents forget is the degree of force and trauma that is often used during the birth process. Some studies suggest anywhere from 30-90 pounds of pressure can be used in a normal birth, and vacuum extraction and forceps can add additional stress.

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