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workers-comp-bigMany people in St. Paul, Minnesota suffer from minor workplace injuries. Most injuries in the workplace happen from strain and repetitive movements. Each year in the United States millions of dollars are spent to help individuals with this problem.

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St Paul MN Carpal Tunnel Chiropractic Treatments

Repetitive strain injuries are the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of American workers, and costing more than $20 billion a year in workers’ compensation. Unlike falling off a ladder, an auto injury, slipping and falling, or injuries due to lifting heavy objects, these types of injuries can develop over time.

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Work Injury | Repetitive Strain Injury

Workers’ Compensation covers any injuries that are sustained while on the job, leaving the job, or going to the job. In addition to this, workers’ compensation also covers any injuries that occur because of repetitive motion on the job.

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Chiropractic Relief For Injured Workers MN

If you think workers’ compensation issues are unlikely to affect you because your job is not physically demanding, think again. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), repetitive strain injuries are the most common and costly of work-related injuries and can affect people whose work habits run the gamut in physical demands. They cost more than $20 billion per year in workers’ compensation and affect hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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Auto, Work, Personal Injury Chiropractic Treatments MN

One of the most common personal injury complaints is neck pain and back pain from sports accidents, auto accidents, work injuries and spinal injuries.

Although a spinal cord injury is usually the result of an accident and can happen to anyone, certain factors may predispose you to a higher risk of sustaining a spinal cord injury, including:

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Chiropractic Treatment St Paul MN | Work Injuries

Did you know that Neck and Back Injuries account for 90% of most of the injuries occurring at work? Who better to see for these specific types of injuries than a Chiropractor?

Work injuries can be devastating, emotionally, physically and financially. The goal is to get the injured worker back to work because everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job.

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Work Injury Chiropractic Treatments MN

Work Injuries: As of 1989 the National Institute of Handicap Research (NIHR) estimated that every year 560,000 workers sustain injury or illness which disables them for over 5 month.  Half of these never return to work.

Workmans Compensation is the classification of an injury that occurs to an employee during the course of their normal work duties. There is really no one particular type of injury, though the most common is to the lower back.

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Work Injury Chiropractic Treatment St Paul MN

When people think of on-the-job injuries, they often think of sudden, unexpected accidents, such as falling off a ladder, being involved in a car accident, slipping and falling, or injuries due to lifting heavy objects. These types of work injuries are known as “specific injuries” under Minnesota workers’ compensation law. These types of injuries are caused by an ascertainable event, at a specific time.

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St Paul MN Chiropractic Care | Work Related Low Back Injuries

If you’re suffering from lower back pain you’re not alone. About 80% of U.S. adults will at some time in their life suffer from the disabling confines of lower back pain. According to experts, lower back pain is the number one disability culprit in workers’ compensation claims and accounts for more than $50 billion annually in the US through medical care and lost production.

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MN Chiropractor | Work Injury | Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) (also known as repetitive stress injury, repetitive motion injuries, repetitive motion disorder (RMD), cumulative trauma disorder (CT), occupational overuse syndrome, overuse syndrome, regional musculoskeletal disorder) is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression (pressing against hard surfaces), sustained, or awkward positions.

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