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What Is TMJ Disorder?

Most people experience facial pain or neck pain periodically. Some people however, live with chronic pain associated with TMJ Disorders. Women are four times more likely than men to be diagnosed with TMJ Disorder, otherwise known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD. This may partially be explained by poor posture from wearing heels and increased stress and lack of sleep. If you have ever experienced a painful TMJ Headache that stretches on for days, you should be ready to try Chiropractic Care to help relieve the painful affects. Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN uses a natural approach for relief of TMJ Disorders, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, special exercises and acupuncture.

Chiropractic Treatment For TMJ Pain Relief

Many patients have found relief from the pain and discomfort of TMJ Disorder through Chiropractic Treatment at Caron Chiropractic Clinic. We will meet with you to discuss issues you are having that may be associated with TMJ, examine your spinal alignment and posture, then come up with an individual treatment plan. We will locate trigger points and work to relieve pain and joint dysfunction.

  • Chiropractic Manipulation and Adjustments to Neck and Spine to bring your spine into proper alignment.
  • Massage Therapy to strengthen and stretch jaw muscles and alleviate muscle spasms in the Face, Jaw, Shoulders and Upper Back.
  • Acupuncture used on temporomandibular muscle trigger points.
  • Cold Laser Therapy to Stimulate Healing and Reduce Inflammation.
  • Custom Orthodics to help with posture and balance.
  • Heat or Ice Therapy to lessen pain and swelling.
  • Special Exercises to strengthen muscles related to your TMJ pain.
  • Ergonomic practices and advise to relieve strain on your body.

Causes For TMJ Disorders

Diagnosing the cause of TMJ Disorders can be very difficult. Often times the cause is never completely known. Your doctor of chiropractic can help you to identify factors that contribute to the pain and dysfunction associated with TMJ, and through treatments, they will help you alleviate trigger points and symptoms.

  • Poor Posture – due to Spinal Misalignment, sitting at a computer with your Head Forward, wearing Heels for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Stress – causing jaw, neck, face or shoulder Muscles to Tense Up, Clenching or Grinding of Teeth.
  • Injury or Trauma to the Jaw Joint – causing a dislocated jaw or malformed, or displaced disc.
  • Degenerative Joint Disease – such as Arthritis
  • Excessive Gum Chewing or Nail Chewing
  • Possible link to Female Hormones

Natural, Non-Evasive And Drug Free Pain Relief

Caron Chiropractic Clinic uses a Natural, Drug-free Approach to better your Health and Free you from Pain or Illness. We combine chiropractic spinal manipulation with other natural and non-evasive treatments. Each program is customized for the individual patient’s best care. We are a professional healthcare provider that uses Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy and Exercise Programs for TMJ Disorder Treatments. Discover drug-free relief of TMJ pain in the Face, Neck, Jaw, Shoulders and Back.

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