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There is no known cause of fibromyalgia. However, if you have been diagnosed with it, you know that it is all too real. If you have not been diagnosed with it, but have experienced pain throughout your body, it may be that you have an undiagnosed case of fibromyalgia. Caron Chiropractic can help you. While the cause of fibromyalgia is not precisely known, chiropractic care has proven to be an effective treatment of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is kind of a catch all term. It encompasses pain in virtually all parts of the body that results in musculoskeletal pain and general body fatigue. Most people who suffer with fibromyalgia experience pain in the soft tissue and fibrous tissue (muscle fibers, ligaments, and tendons, to be more specific) of their bodies. The absence of a direct and defined cause of fibromyalgia has made its treatment quite a challenge. In fact, because the cause remains elusive, there is a school of thought that discounts it as a real medical issue. That dismissive response fails to recognize that the pain and constant discomfort experienced by people with fibromyalgia is undeniably real. The inability of science to yet discover the precise cause or causes of fibromyalgia should not result in any segment of the healthcare community to dismiss it as being a psychosomatic phenomenon.

Chiropractic Care For Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care has proven to be an effective treatment of fibromyalgia. It makes sense that chiropractic care would be an effective treatment because chiropractic care works to initiate the body’s natural healing properties. Not only does a chiropractic alignment allow the body to return to its natural and optimal physical balance, the process of aligning the spine also releases endorphins, which fight pain and provide a greater overall feeling of wellness.

When the spine is aligned, it is common for the person to feel stronger, physically. That can lead to a feeling of greater mental strength, which is important in combating the damage that can be done to the psyche by the constant discomfort so often experienced with fibromyalgia. It can be extremely helpful to combine chiropractic adjustment with massage therapy and acupuncture. Massage therapy reduces stress on the muscles and releases the buildup of waste product, which is then attacked by the body’s immune system, giving the body a lift. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s healing response.

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