Orthotic Inserts for Pain Relief

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If you’re someone who experiences chronic foot pain, you might already be familiar with orthotics, as they’re often recommended as foot pain relief solutions. However, orthotics are not specifically designed for foot pain treatment; in fact, they’re made to help your body adjust to the way you walk, and foot pain relief is often a welcome side effect of that adjustment. Orthotics are simply a form of shoe insert device used to relieve complications caused by an irregular or uncomfortable gait. When we walk, the way that our feet hit the ground can have a severe impact on our bodies, causing negative and painful reactions throughout our feet, ankles, knees, and hips, and abnormal gait-related pain can even reach your back, neck, and shoulders. Because of the extent of damage and pain an abnormal gait can cause when your feet aren’t hitting the ground in just the right way, we design orthotics to compensate for individual gait irregularities that may affect one part or several parts of your body, from your feet to your neck. If you’re sick of being in pain every time you run, walk, jump, or move, orthotics could be exactly what you need for chronic pain relief.

Benefits of Orthotics

Because orthotics are used to compensate for gait irregularities, they aren’t used for just one condition or for people who “walk funny.” Orthotics are intended for anyone who feels pain when they move, which could be caused by poor posture, medical conditions, lasting injuries, or any other factors hindering proper gait alignment and movement. The benefits of orthotic inserts, then, are as diverse as, and dependent upon, the injuries, conditions, or irregularities they’re intended to treat. If you’re in frequent pain, whether in your feet or up to your neck, orthotics can provide full-body pain relief by pinpointing and relieving pressure points in your feet that hit the ground incorrectly. Orthotics can also help you improve your balance and improve posture by evening out your gait so that you can walk more “normally,” or straighter. When you’re in pain when you walk or move, it’s a natural instinct to compensate by adjusting your gait. If you’ve been adjusting your gait for a number of years to compensate for a condition or injury, you could be doing more damage and causing more pain because you’re making your gait more abnormal, throwing your body off balance and out of alignment. Because orthotics relieve pain and straighten, you won’t have to adjust the way you walk to compensate for your pain, and you’ll be able to walk comfortably again without adjusting your gait yourself and sacrificing your posture.

Orthotics Use with Spinal Rehabilitation Techniques

Orthotic inserts are custom designed to compensate for your body’s natural gait or improve an irregular gait that have been affected by an injury or condition. Orthotic inserts are an amazing technology in and of themselves, and although they can be used as a singular form of pain relief, they are often most effective when combined with other chiropractic spinal rehabilitation techniques. Whether your irregular gate is caused by a spinal injury or condition or not, chiropractic care can help your body relax into a more natural posture, allowing orthotics to function as well as possible, helping your gait return to its most natural attitude. Your orthotic inserts can be supplemented with other chiropractic care services designed to improve bodily motion, including chiropractic spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and exercise programs and lifestyle alterations.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments – Spinal adjustments are at the heart of chiropractic care, and when applied to patients with spinal injuries or conditions, it can vastly improve the effects of orthotics. Because spinal injuries, conditions, and abnormalities can negatively affect your gait, using spinal adjustments to realign your spine can be a crucial part of helping you achieve a more normal gait to relieve pain caused by movement.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy has a variety of uses, and that’s why we have varied massage therapy techniques. We treat injuries, conditions, and gait abnormalities as individual ailments in each patient, which means that our massage therapy is targeted toward pain relief in specific areas of your body affected by your gait. By relieving tension, releasing pinched nerves, and improving circulation, massage therapy can aid orthotics in gait adjustments.

Exercise Programs and Activity Modifications – Exercise is a healthy and necessary element of self-care and better mental and physical wellness, but it needs to be done carefully and correctly to benefit your body. We’ll help you create an exercise routine that won’t negatively strain your body and impact your gait, and we’ll evaluate your daily activities to determine whether anything you’re doing at work or home is causing gait irregularities and pain so that you can make an effort to adjust your lifestyle habits, and not the way you walk, to relieve your pain.

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“I have suffered with migraine headaches for a number of years and the chiropractic adjustments has always helped to manage the problem, but my headaches continued. The doctors analyzed my foot structure and found that I had a foot problem that might be affecting how long my adjustments “held”. They recommended orthodics and ever since then I have needed less care and less headaches! Thanks Dr. Matt and Dr. Marty!”

Jamie M., St. Paul, MN