Multiple Methods of Natural Healthcare St Paul MN

Chiropractor Care MNWhat do you think of when you think chiropractic? Probably a good back cracking, right? Well, you are about half way correct but did you know that Caron Chiropractic of St. Paul, MN offers so many more treatments and therapies to help you with more than just an adjustment? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

What Caron Chiropractic Offers:

Chiropractic Care

This is great for those who need an adjustment to make sure they can sleep better at night and/or perform better at work each day. When we do something that our bodies aren’t used to, it’s common for our back to go out and an adjustment can help this.

Massage Therapy

This helps for those who need a little deeper release. Soft tissue lines our bones and other muscles and can be tricky to heal if not treated properly. Getting a massage can help loosen your muscles so when you get a chiropractic adjustment your body adjusts where it needs to be.


Remember those soft tissues we talked about? Well again, if they’re not treated properly, they can leave lasting damage. Acupuncture is placing needles in your skin that attach to these soft muscles and untangle the stress within them. This will help them to heal and become stronger, allowing your body and muscles to become stronger.

Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral system is the fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord to protect and nourish it. Have you ever felt like your neck and shoulders were extremely tight and didn’t move easily? If so, this may be the cause. We pin-point the location where it’s damaged and apply pressure and stretching to allow the fluid and the craniosacral system realign and work how it’s supposed to.

Laser Therapy

In this type of therapy we use a light and place it on the affected area. Our body reacts to the natural lighting which in turn allows our body to heal naturally. This is the best way for our body to heal.


We all know that without our feet, our body would deteriorate and we couldn’t do anything. Our feet are the base to our body and strength. If you don’t have proper support then your whole body is going to feel it. Your lower back will go out, your legs start to cramp, and forget about standing for too long. We offer a foot analysis that will tell us exactly where your feet need the most support and in turn help you get the support you need to repair the damage.

Spinal Rehabilitation

Whether you were injured at work, in an accident, or it just came out of know where. We are able to pin-point where the spine is lacking in support and where your pain is generating from. We will treat you back to health and help you to prevent any future injuries. After all, your back is the second sturdy point in your body.


This machine will help us determine whether your body is properly aligned or not. After we determine the outcome, we can then move forward on proper treatments. Ones that will help you the best.

Now that you know that chiropractic clinics have more to offer than the traditional adjustment, what are you waiting for?

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