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The term ‘subluxation’ is a common word in the world of chiropractic care, though it may not be quite as familiar to those who have not experienced treatment for one. Chiropractic health care providers treat subluxations on a fairly regular basis. A subluxation is a partial or complete dislocation, and Caron Chiropractic is able to treat and provide relief for the wide range of pain and discomfort that can result from subluxation. If you live or work in the St Paul area and are suffering from neck or lower back pain on a daily bacis,  give us a call today!

Chiropractic Adjustment Effective Treatment For A Subluxation

The most common treatment for a subluxation is the chiropractic adjustment (also commonly called a ‘spinal adjustment’). It is understandable that introducing a word like ‘dislocation’ to a discussion of treatment may lead one to believe that it is for something severe. Certainly, severe dislocations require expert assistance, but less severe dislocations can occur without causing an acute disruption to one’s life.

Subluxations often occur gradually and, until they register on the pain and discomfort scale, even unnoticeably. It is common for people to develop a subluxation over time, and this is especially true for people who spend much of their workdays at a computer, where it is easy to slouch. Even if you catch yourself in a prolonged period of less than perfect posture, it is possible that you could be inadvertently contributing to the development of a subluxation in your spine.

If you do exhibit bad posture, or if your workstation is characterized by less-than-optimal ergonomics, your spine will almost certainly be under greater stress. Those conditions can cause the vertebrae–the bony structures that form the protective components of your spinal column–to gradually move out of alignment. When this happens, technically, you have a slight dislocation. You could, in fact, have slight dislocations of more than one vertebra, but until the degree of subluxation becomes severe enough, you may simply find that you have become accustomed to the discomfort you feel as a result. There could be a precipitating factor that worsens the subluxation, causing a sudden and much more noticeable level of pain or discomfort.

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If you have not visited Caron Chiropractic before, we would encourage you to do so when you feel a heightened sense of pain. We encourage you to pay us a visit if you notice any degree of added stress in your spinal column, whether the result of slouching, poor posture, bad ergonomics, or other factors, though not all people will be aware of those issues before the pain becomes acute. Contact us at (651) 255-9999 to schedule an appointment.

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