Work-Related Injury Rehabilitation St. Paul | Chiropractic Treatment after a Workplace InjuryMany of our patients come to Caron Chiropractic Clinic PA after injuring themselves at work.  As you can imagine, work injuries can encompass a wide range of issues.  Some of our patients work on factory floors and injure themselves in slips or falls.  Others work in front of a computer most of the day and come to us with tight hamstrings or carpal tunnel pain.  Other workers have jobs that create soft-tissue discomfort from repetitive motion.  What they all have in common is that they sustained their injuries on the job.  The staff of Caron Chiropractic Clinic is well trained to provide rehabilitation from a full range of injuries incurred in the workplace.

Chiropractic Treatments After Workplace Injuries

Just as our clients experience a wide range of work-related injuries, our team is able to employ a full range of chiropractic rehabilitative treatments to help you recover faster and more fully.  The demands that our job places on many of us mean that we have a harder time balancing the stress of our workplaces with good physical preparation for those stresses.  Acute injuries that result from falls and chronic injuries that result from repetitive movement are all good candidates for chiropractic treatment.  In addition to treating your specific injury, we can also help you by providing you with a long-term plan to help you regain, and retain, balance that might not have felt possible in your workplace before.

Work Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation

Caron Chiropractic Clinic is committed to helping you become healthier by treating the causes of your injury, not just the symptoms.  The hallmark of chiropractic treatment may be the spinal adjustment, and with good reason.  However, spinal adjustment, while appropriate for a large number of physical injuries, is far from the only treatment we offer.  If your injury warrants a spinal adjustment, that is what we will recommend. You may instead benefit most from a combination of spinal adjustment and other treatments, or another treatment and not spinal adjustment.  Your injury may respond better to massage therapy, acupuncture, or craniosacral therapy.  Our goal is to provide you with the exact kind of rehabilitation that will help you heal from your work injury fastest and most effectively.

Experienced Chiropractor Specializing In Work Injury Rehab

Where your injury occurs is important, of course.  But we also understand that there is another stress about workplace injuries, and that is the stress associated with feeling the need to return to work as soon as possible after an injury.  Caron Chiropractic Clinic will help you address all aspects of your recovery.  Call us at 651-255-9999 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.