Gentle Flow

New to yoga? This gentle class is perfect for the beginner yogi, or anyone who wants to get back to basics. If you are recovering from an injury or illness, or haven’t practiced yoga in some time, this is a great class for you. Focus is given to proper alignment, terminology, pranayama, and the fundamentals that will build the groundwork for your personal yoga practice. By moving at a slower-pace, using props, and breaking down each movement, we make every posture accessible to all students. This is a perfect class if you are interested in trying yoga but unsure of what to expect or feel intimidated joining a more advanced class. This class is also appropriate for the yogi who wants to get back to basics and bring greater focus to proper alignment, or work out any other kinks that may be overlooked in a faster paced class.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means “breathe-synchronized movement”, so the postures are timed with the breath. Vinyasa (or “Vinyasa Flow” or “Flow Yoga”) is fluid; each posture flows into the next, linked together with a series of movements also called a “Vinyasa” (plank, low plank, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog). Tap into the source, be in the breath, and embody the joy of life by linking movement to breath. Our classes offer dynamic movement incorporating sun salutations, creative asana (posture) sequencing, and mindful attention to alignment that works with your body, This practice will strengthen, detoxify, warm and awaken your body & soul.

Sunrise Flow

This class is designed to promote great physical and mental awakening, integration, and energy. This class will start with a brief meditation and pranayama practice and will build through slow, full sun salutations with the freedom to flow at your own pace, on the rhythm of your breath. With a focus on lengthening the spine, energizing the essential musculature to support your body throughout the day, and clearing the mind to be open and at cause when faced with the day’s challenges and opportunities. This is a fantastic way to set a rock solid foundation of peace, poise, strength, clarity, and focus for your day.

Hatha Flow

A strong focus on back strength this class will include all the elements of a traditional Hatha practice- uniting opposite forces to create balance and integration in the body producing strength, stamina and flexibility- with special awareness given to the spinal column. Students’ individual needs will be attended to and props will be used to bring the body into alignment to achieve maximum benefit.


Svaroopa® yoga is a slow version of Hatha Yoga which is designed to release the deep core spinal muscles. Practitioners are propped with blankets and blocks so they can soften into the poses, rather than potentially tightening their spines further. The deep spinal muscles are released from the bottom of the spine up into the ribcage and neck area, so that the spine can be gently lengthened and the release can be maximized and stabilized. As a result, Svaroopa® yoga can be practiced by people of all ages. Practitioners also learn how to use other muscles, such as abdominals, to protect their spine. This yoga can also provide a profound sense of self and bliss. Svaroopa® is a licensed service mark of S.T.C. Inc.

Mat I Pilates

This class introduces basic Pilates floor exercise and the guiding principles of breathing, concentration, coordination, body alignment. The smaller class size is designed to fit each participant’s needs in a hands-on, supportive environment to help you achieve better posture, body awareness, flexibility and strength.

Mat II Pilates

This class is designed for people with experience in Pilates mat exercises and for people who are ready for more advanced mat exercise challenges! Emphasis will be on flow and ease of movement while adhering to spine and pelvic alignment and their relationship to core stability.

Family Yoga

Looking for some quality time together? Come and try this yoga class designed for moms, dads, caregivers, sons and daughters. The class will introduce the fundamental asanas (postures) and introduce the vinyasa form of yoga (moving from one posture to the next, motivated by breath).


Level 1: This class is your best bet if you’re new to yoga, or consider yourself a beginner yogi. It’s also an appropriate class if you have an injury, are feeling low-energy, or are pregnant (although you’ll have to make modifications to some poses).

Level 2: If you feel comfortable and confident moving through basic poses, level two is most likely for you. The poses will flow from one to another more quickly than with a level one class, so you end up doing more poses. You should be

Level 3:

A level three class is for the well-seasoned yogi who’s been practicing for awhile, and has a strong understanding of how to do most yoga poses. Expect to move faster and practice more difficult poses in a supportive environment.

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